Week ending 22 July

The ladies started the week with a fun yellow ball competition that was won by the team of Heather Bantick, Celia Bloomfield and Pamela MacLeod.    The serious golf started on Thursday when the seniors travelled to Torvean for their annual outing and the juniors played the first round of their championship.
The Seniors outing was played in sunshine this year and the winner on countback with 43 points was Ann Rae, runner-up was Jenny Thomas with 43 points and third was Mike Wright with 38 points.

Ann Rae receives the Seniors Outing Decanter from convenor Tom Christie

The juniors played the second round of their championship on Friday.    Heavy rain in the morning, which thankfully stopped just before the first tee time, softened the course and the boys coped with the conditions as well as they had done on Thursday.       The Junior Club Champion with rounds of 75 and 76 is Bruce Grant, runner-up was Lorne Legget with rounds of 82 and 82.     The handicap trophy went to Thomas Dingwall (18) 65 and 57, runner-up was Ernie Smith (54) 79 and 84.

Junior Captain Ernie Smith (centre) presents trophies to Thomas Dingwall (Handicap winner)(left) and Junior Champion Bruce Grant (right)

On Sunday, we played an Open Mixed greensomes.     The Lorne Trophy went to Dave and Dot Hillis, visitors from England, with a net 61.4, runners-up were Ian Murray and Sheila Grant , net 62.0, in third place were Albert and Sheena Duffus from Forres with a net 63.6 and fourth prize went to Kevin Strathdee and Elaine Hill with 65.2.

Dave and Dot Hillis with the Lorne Trophy
Dot and Dave Hillis with the Lorne Trophy

Week ending 15 July

A busy week of competitions started with the ladies playing the second round of their three round Eclectic Shield competition.   Several improvements were recorded and with one more round still to come there is still hope for everyone.    On Wednesday, we held our Seniors Open.     Despite the creaking joints and grey hair, or lack of it, the oldies showed that they can still play golf with some excellent scores.   Winning the competition by shooting well below his age was Allan Bantick (12) 62 nett, runner-up was Jock Clark (19) of Carrbridge 63, third was Mike Harrison (18) of Brechin 65 bih and fourth was Malcolm McCreath (13) of Boat of Garten 65.    The men's scratch prize went to Tom Nisbet of Cambuslang with 75 and the ladies' scratch prize went to Rhona Cameron of Forres with 83.

Allan Bantick flanked by scratch winners Tom Nisbet and Rhona Cameron

At the weekend we held the club championships.    After Saturday's round, leading the scratch were James Grant and Alison McLean with the leading handicap players being Stuart Waitt and Jenny Thomas but all the leads were slender.    Sunday's burst of rain made little difference to the course but saw mixed fortunes for the leaders.   James Grant held off all challenges to win the club championship for the twenty-third time with rounds of 74 and 73.   It is believed that this is the first time that one person has been the Champion of Abernethy, Boat of Garten and Grantown simultaneously.    Kenny Waitt was runner-up with rounds of 80 and 77 and third was Bruce Grant 87 and 79.    The handicap trophy went to Scott Waitt (12) with rounds of 67 and 61, runner-up went to Sergio Pita (15) 71 and 63 and third was Stuart Waiit (15) 63 and 72.     The ladies championship went to countback with Heather Bantick winning with rounds of 95 and 90 to pip Susan Swinden who had rounds of 91 and 94, Alison McLean finished third with rounds of 88 and 100.    In the handicap competition Jenny Thomas (37) consolidated her overnight lead to win with rounds of 69 and 65, June Clark (24) was runner-up with 74 and 71 and third was Margaret Smith (22) with 71 and 76.

Club champions Scott Waitt, Heather Bantick, James Grant and Jenny Thomas


Week ending 8 July

The ladies played their July medal on Monday.   The winner was June Clark (25) 65, runner-up was Pamela MacLeod (26) 66 and third was Heather Bantick (24) 67.   On Thursday the seniors weekly 9 hole stableford was won by Ian Sloan with 25 points.    On Saturday, we played an Open Mixed Foursomes for charity.   This year's charity was the Scottish Wildlife Trust.   The winners with a splendid net 66.5 were John Lilley and Sue Philpott,  runners-up with 68.5 were Roy Quinn and Rona Smith, third were Ian Murray and Sheila Grant with 69.5.   The men completed the week's competitions playing their July medal on Sunday.   The winner was Kenny Waitt (8) 64, runner-up was James Grant (2) 65 and third was Kevin Strathdee (8) 68.

Charities Shield winners John Lilley and Sue Philpott


Week ending 1 July

On Monday the ladies competed for the MacLeod Shield combined with a putting competition.   Jean Gordon (24) won the putting competition which played a part in her winning the MacLeod Shield with a net 71, runner-up Heather Bantick (24) and third place Susan Swinden (17) both finishing with a net 72.  

Jean Gordon with the MacLeod Shield

On Tuesday, the seniors special for the last Tuesday of the month was a three lifelines competition won by Terry Sayer with 26 pts.   On Thursday, the normal seniors weekly stableford was won by Janice Dewar with 22 pts.    

At the weekend we celebrated our 125th birthday.   Over 50 members took part in the celebrations despite the heat that caused the Saturday Texas Scramble and the Sunday 125 competition to be reduced to 9 holes.    The Texas Scramble was won by the team of Bruce Grant, Rona Smith, Eliz Sloan and Kate Wright.   The competition on Sunday was designed for the winners to return a score of 125 exactly.    Since nine of the ten teams managed it, everyone was declared a winner!

Texas Scramble winners with the Captain

Saturday's celebrants in the sunshine, Sunday's celebrants in the shade!

Week ending 24th June

The ladies played the first round of their three round competition for the Eclectic Shield.    The winner of this round with an amazing net 64 and four strokes off her handicap (now 28) was Jane Kerr.   Runner-up, Eliz Sloan (19) and third placed Linda Gillies (30) both had net 71 but with two rounds still to play there is still hope for everyone.   On Wednesday the ladies made the short trip to Boat of Garten to play the Boat ladies.   The match was reduced to 9 holes because of the weather forecast, which proved totally inaccurate, and the Boat ladies made the most of their home advantage and the sunshine winning the match 2.5 to 1.5.   The seniors weekly 9 hole stableford on Thursday was won by June Clark with 21 points.   On Saturday a team of ten, comprising nine men and one lady, came away from Dalmeny with an honourable draw 2.5 to 2.5.   This sets up next month's return match well.   The match was played in excellent conditions at the side of the Firth of Forth with cruise ships passing by.   There is no record of the ships stopping to watch the brilliant golf being played!.    On Sunday the men were in action again playing a bogey competition.  Played in the heat of the day, nobody managed to beat the Colonel but the winner John Swinden (19) finished all square, a commendable performance since runner-up Allan Bantick (12) and third placed John Lilley (18) both finished five down.

Week ending 17th June

The ladies Monday competition was a fun competition with three lifelines, a kick, a throw and a length of string, to help along the way.   The winner was Heather Bantick.    On Tuesday, the seniors went to Rothes for the third and final match in the tri-club challenge for the Spey Valley Trophy.   Rothes made full use of their home advantage to win the match and the trophy.     On Wednesday, we played the June mid-month 9 hole stableford.   The winner was Sergio Pita (18) with 19 pts, runner-up was Iain Murray (20) 18 pts and third was Allan Bantick (12) 17 pts.   On Thursday, the seniors weekly 9 hole stableford was won by Allan Bantick with 19 pts.    On Friday, Kevin Strathdee and Eric Smith represented the club at the Scottish 9 hole Championship competition in Milnathort.    Whilst not doing well enough to progress to the final at Carnoustie, they did not let the club down.   The week's competitions ended on Saturday with the men and ladies competing for the Gordon Cup.     Despite the rain which steadily increased through the morning there were some wonderful scores.    The winner of the trophy was Iain Murray (20) with 40 pts bih, runner-up was David Carrott (28) 40pts and third was Richard Millson (24) 38 pts.

iain Murray with the Gordon Cup
Iain Murray with the Gordon Cup

Week ending 10th June

The ladies started the week with their June Medal.   The winner was Pamela MacLeod (27) 70, runner-up was Susan Swinden (17) 72 bih and third was June Clark (26) 72.   On Wednesday, the men played for the Tipsy Trophy.   This fun competition which uses 18 different tees, some easy and some very challenging, was won by Charles Legge, runner-up was John Lilley and third was Dougie Burns.   On Thursday the seniors weekly 9 hole stableford was won by Emma McLeod with 22 points.    On Saturday the ladies competed for the Fraser Cup.    In a game of two halves - torrential rain for the first nine and blazing sunshine for the second nine - the prize went to Pamela MacLeod (27) 37 pts and two strokes off her handicap, runner-up was Linda Gillies (30) 33 pts and third Susan Swinden (17) 31pts.   The men rounded off the week's competitions playing on Sunday for the Centenary Trophy.   The winner was John Lilley (18) 67, runner-up was Richard Millson (24) 68 and third was Terry Sayer (22) 69.

Charles Legge with the Tipsy Trophy

Weekend winners - Pamela MacLeod - Fraser Cup and John Lilley - Centenary Trophy


Week ending 3rd June

On Monday the ladies played a 9 hole stableford which is the second round of Pauline's Trophy.   The winner was June Clark (26) 19 pts, runner-up was Christine Reynolds (32) 16 pts bih and third was Heather Bantick (23) 16 pts.    A team of seniors went to carrbridge on Tuesday to play in the second leg of the Spey Valley Trophy competition.   We finished second on the day and are in second place with the final leg at Rothes to play later this month.    The remaining seniors played a 9 club challenge, using a different club to drive from each tee, which was won by Emma McLeod.   On Thursday, it was back to normal for the seniors with their weekly 9 hole stableford which was won by Tom Christie with 22 pts.   The monsoon like downpour on Saturday evening left the course a little softer for the men's medal on Sunday.   Playing in his first competition since being awarded his handicap Sergio Pita (20) won the medal with a magnificent 61.   Runner-up, also in his first competition was Steven Gannon (31) 63.   These two both have a cut in handicap.  In third place, definitely not his first competition, was Bob Mouat (16) 67.

Week ending 27th May

The ladies started the week with a 9 hole Flag Competition.   Putting the ball into the 9th hole with her final stroke, the winner of the competition was Jean Gordon.   On Wednesday, the ladies made the short journey to Carrbridge to play a match which ended in a friendly draw.   On Thursday, the seniors weekly 9 hole stableford was won by Johnny Petrolini with a magnificent 26 points and a big cut to his senior handicap.   The ladies played for the Beaton Bowl on Saturday.   The unaccustomed heat was taking its toll on the scoring but the competition was won by Sue Philpott (33) 71, runner-up was Eliz Sloan (19) 73 and third was Elaine Hill (19) 74.      The very busy week for the ladies was completed on Sunday when they joined the men for a Mixed Foursomes Stableford, a qualifier for the Ping National Championships.   The winners were Ian Sloan and Eliz Sloan with 34 pts, runners-up were Bruce Davies and Aileen Anderson with 33 pts and third were Alex Donald and Jean Gordon with 32pts.

Sue Philpott with the Beaton Bowl
Sue Philpott with the Beaton Bowl


Week ending 20th May

On Monday, the honours were shared by Ann Rae and Eliz Sloan in the ladies fun competition.   On Tuesday, the seniors started their tri-club challenge against Rothes and Carrbridge with a home match.  The good win sets us up nicely for the next two rounds.    On Wednesday, we played the May mid-month 9 hole stableford with Kevin Strathdee still  continuing his winning streak with 18 points bih, runner-up was Eric Smith (13) also with 18 pts and third was Kate Wright ((29) with 16 pts.   The Thursday 9 hole stableford was won by Barry Clark with 23 pts.     On Sunday, men and ladies competed for the Ben Flood Trophy.      The winner on countback was Richard Millson (24) 37 pts, runner-up was Ian Murray (17) 37 pts and third was Sarah Milson (36) 35 pts.

Richard Millson with Ben Flood Trophy
Richard Millson with the Ben Flood Trophy

Week ending 13th May

The ladies started the week's competitions with their May Medal.    Elaine Hill (19) was the winner with a net 70, runner-up was Margaret Smith (21) 73 and third was Teresa Gannon (35) 74.   On Thursdat, the seniors weekly 9 hole stableford ws won by Kate Wright with 21 Points.The week ended with the men competing for the Norman Stone Trophy.    Continuing his run of form, Kevin Strathdee (8) took the trophy with a net 66, runner-up was Ian Sloan (12) 68 and third was Malcolm McCreath (13) 69.

Week endinng 6th May

It was a busy week for the ladies, on Monday the 9 hole stableford was won by Margaret Smith (11) 20 pts, in second place Jane Kerr (16) 18 pts and third was Elizabeth Sloan (10) 18.  Then the ladies hosted Grantown Ladies in a match, with the home team coming out winners 4-0.  On Thursday Denis Johnston won the seniors 9 hole stableford with 22pts.  On Saturday the May medal was won by Richard Millson (24) 70 in 2nd was Alex Donald (12) 71 and in 3rd place Ian Murray (16) 71.

Week ending 29th April

The ladies played their extra medal on Monday and Sheila Grant (31) 64 was the winner and a cut of two in her handicap, runner-up was Margaret Smith (23) 66 and also a cut of one in her handicap and in third palce was June Clark (27) 67 and again a cut of one in her handicap.  Heather Bantick had a good week in the seniors section winning both the Tuesday Mulligans and Thursday 9 hole stableford.  On Sunday the Nethybridge Hotel Trophy was a mixed competition and was won by Kevin Strathdee (8) 67, maintaining his winning run, in second place was Alex Donald (12) 68 and third was Dougie Burns (19) 68.

Kevin Strathdee with the Nethybridge Hotel Trophy

Week ending 22nd April

The ladies played an hidden hole game and the winner was Pam MacLeod. Wednesday we played the first of our mid-month stableford, which was one by John Lilley(17) with 18pts, runner up was Dougie Burns (19) 18pts, and 3rd was Ann Rae (28) 17 pts.  On Thursday the seniors weekly 9 hole stableford competition was one by Celia Bloomfield with 23 pts.  On Sunday the men played for the Speyside Sports Trophy was won by Kevin Strathdee (8) 64, in 2nd place was John Lilley (17) 69 and 3rd was Ian Sloan (12) 69.

Kevin Strathdee with the Speyside Sports Trophy


Week ending 15th April

The ladies Monday evenings are still fun nights and the ever-popular Mulligans was won by the in-form Margaret Smith.      With the sun finally shining, the seniors played the first of their weekly 9 hole stablefords, which was won by David Kerr with 20 pts.     On Sunday, the men also played a 9 hole stableford competition, competing for the Helensburgh Shield.    The Shield was won by Ian Murray (16) with 19 pts, runner-up was Eric Smith (13) 17 pts and third was John Swinden (19) 16 pts.

Ian Murray with the Helensburgh Shield
Ian Murray with the Helensburgh Shield

Week ending 8th April

The ladies started the week with a 9 hole Captain's Surprise.   Having survived driving with plastic drivers for three year olds and left handed drivers and putting with drivers, the only thing that was not a surprise was that the competition was won by the Captain, Susan Swinden.    The return of the snow put paid to all mid-week competitions but the sun shone on Sunday for the men's and ladies' medals.    The men's medal was won by Thomas Dingwall (19) 68bih, runner-up was John Lilley (17) 68 and third was Dougie Burns (19) 70.   The ladies' medal was won by Margaret Smith (23) 70, runner-up was Heather Bantick (23) 74 and third was June Clark (27) 77.

Week ending 1st April

The threatened snow stayed away as we raised the flag on Saturday 31st March.    In the absence of the Captain and Lady Captain, the Vice-Captains stood in.    We then played the traditional match of Captain's team v Lady Captain's team, which was won narrowly by the Lady Captain's team.    Easter Eggs went to John Lilley and Fiona Hunter for longest drives and to June Clark for nearest the pin.     On Easter Sundy, we opened the course to the village for a bit of fun and games - not all golf related - and a great time was had by all.

John Lilley raises the flag assisted by Sue Philpott
John Lilley raises the flag assisted(?) by Sue Philpott